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Information on Attending Winn's Indoor Services

Dear Church Family,


Our staff and lay leaders have been working hard to make everything as safe and user friendly as it can be under the circumstances.  I’m sure there will be a learning curve for all of us, so your patience will be greatly appreciated.  Please read this update carefully so that you can do your part to help things go as smoothly as possible.


So, Sunday mornings will consist of three services and the resumption of Sunday school during the latter two of those slots; with something for everyone from Kindergarten and up.  (There was a snag with opening preschool, I’ll discuss that in more detail later in this update.) We will be running these on the hour, beginning with 9, then 10 and 11.  It is essential that everything start on time and finish on time.  Whether Sunday school or church service, the content time within each block will be limited to about 45 minutes.  This will give us enough time to move from one to the other, but not enough time to dawdle!  We will have to be conscious of the time and move with purpose when it is time to move!  Please refrain from congregating in the hallways.


I am hoping that the three services will give us space in each one to accomplish social distancing.  We will be marking every other pew to be left vacant.  The balcony will be reserved for people who prefer to wear a mask.  Masks may be worn on the floor portion of the sanctuary, but we will be asking that no one sit in the balcony without one.  Hand sanitizer and wipes are placed throughout our facilities.  While we are taking steps to help you stay healthy, ultimately it is up to you!  Along those lines, please be respectful of those who are being more cautious than you are, and be understanding of those who are less careful. 


To cut down on hallway usage, we will be having almost all doors unlocked, which will facilitate movement, in most cases, to take place outside. Some doors however, at the request of our security team, will remain locked.  This includes, most notably, the former entrance to the preschool area, and the “old kitchen door” that faces Rocky Ridge Road.  Along with that, the area between that road and the main church building will be a no parking zone.  We will be saving the paved parking spaces by the church sign for people who wish to drive up and listen to the FM broadcast, which we hope to have available each service, for those who want to come, but prefer to stay outside.  The rest of the paved spots will be available to all, as well as the gravel parking across Winn’s Church Road, next to the cemetery, and at the Mission House.


Preschool-A number of people who served in this department before the Covid shutdown are no longer available to us.  Our new Director, Ashton Sutton, and her husband Matt, were ready to reopen along with the rest of the church, but simply could not secure enough workers to safely do so.  We need a few that will serve each week during either the 10 or 11 o’clock slot, and a lot of people who will serve in either slot once each month.  Please keep in mind that with the three shorter slots, it is possible to attend a service and a Sunday school class, and still help out in the preschool.  We can do this!  If you will help, please contact Ashton at or her cell 804-441-3024; I eagerly anticipate hearing from her in the very near future that we are ready to roll!


Offering bins have been placed at all four entrances to the sanctuary for those who would like to drop off contributions


Wednesday nights-Some components of our Wednesday night activities will be starting back up on September the 16th.  Set Apart, our choir for middle and high schoolers, will be meeting in the sanctuary at 5:30, regular youth group will meet at the pavilion at 6:30, and also at 6:30, our Ladies Bible Study will be meeting in the Fellowship Hall.


Below is a list of Sunday School opportunities and room assignments. Adults, feel free to try any of the adult classes.  Due to the teachers being out of town this Sunday, Middle School Girls class will not be starting back until the following Sunday, September 20.


Whew, that was a lot!  Thanks for sticking with me.  Let’s all work together to make the move in as successful as the move out was!  I believe that will make our Father happy!


Gratefully His and yours,

Pastor Jeff

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