Song Lyrics for Sunday May 24 2020 (Memorial Day Service)

Dear Church Family,


Sunday’s service was a great success!  I would, once again, like to thank our worship, security, and parking teams, as well as our excellent sound man, Jerry Huddleston.  God has indeed blessed us good with them! 


Since last Sunday, I’ve read yet another study verifying that being outdoors greatly reduces the chances of spreading the Coronavirus.  It looks like, in the short term, this is how we will be doing church.  I realize that it’s less convenient than the way we used to do it, but it is much more convenient than other options currently available to us.  It is also much more convenient than many Christians throughout the world had it even before the pandemic struck.  It was obvious from the attendance last week that many of you believe that gathering as the Body of Christ is worth some extra effort when required.  I’m in high hopes that a large portion of the church family keeps that mindset as the weeks go by, and fluctuations in the weather might make it not quite as pleasant as our first service on the lawn was.


We will always do what we can to make it as comfortable as possible; whether it’s setting up additional shade, or moving the services to an earlier hour to catch the cooler part of the morning.  Of course, on mornings with significant rain or wind, we will move into the sanctuary.  Although a number of people could still join us in there, we certainly couldn’t accommodate everyone under such circumstances.  At that point, most of our folks would have to go back to joining us through the podcast, which will continue to be posted, rain or shine.


The parking and foot traffic all seemed to go well.   Remember that the parking next to the Mission House and the cemetery is all available.  When possible, try to leave a space in between vehicles, and space appropriately between families as you make your way up to the lawn.  Driving up and remaining in your vehicle will continue to be an option.  There are a limited number of spaces on the gravel drive itself, but many more in the gravel parking lot at the foot of the hill.  The bathroom in the yellow house will be available for those who may need to use one. The service will be at 10:30.  


Be sure to spread the word regarding these services; we have plenty of room!  If you didn’t see someone there last week that you would have expected to be there, make sure that they’re on our eblast mailing list.  We don’t want anyone to be left out!


See you on Sunday,

Pastor Jeff

© 2020 Winns Baptist Church