Information on Attending Winn's Outdoor Services

9:30 on Sunday Morning


The drive-up option is still available for those with mobility issues or who would just feel safer staying in their vehicles.  We will be able to park a few cars backed up to the split rail fence next to our gravel driveway going up to the pavilion.  More can be accommodated in the gravel parking lot on that side of the road.  The service is broadcast on FM 88.7 so it can be heard within each vehicle.  For those who wish to park in that lot to walk up to the service, please plan on using spots that don’t have a view of the service.


For most of us, weather permitting, we will be parking in places available on the church side of Winn’s Church Rd.  This includes all of the paved spaces, as well as the gravel areas next to the cemetery and the Mission House.  Two foot bridges are in place to provide better access to the pavilion lawn from these areas.  This provides two distinct paths to follow, enabling families to practice social distancing without creating bottle-necks.  For those parking in the spaces closer to the yellow house, you will cross a foot bridge before crossing Winn’s Church Rd., and then proceed up the gravel drive to the lawn.  People coming from areas closer to the Mission House will cross the paved road and then access the lawn via a foot bridge over the drainage creek.  Where possible, please allow a parking space between vehicles wherever you park.  Also, wear shoes that are appropriate for uneven terrain, and pay attention to your footing, vehicle traffic, and distancing as you make your way over.


Once on the lawn, you can then find a place for your family to set up.  Anywhere between the pavilion and the drainage creek is fine, including the basketball court, but obviously, those who arrive earlier should move up and over so that those arriving later won’t have to walk past everyone else looking for a spot.  There should be plenty of room so that family groups can stay ten feet away from one another.  This is where our cooperative spirits and Christian kindness will go a long way toward making this a pleasant experience for everyone!  Each family needs to bring lawn chairs and/or blankets for their group. 


The weekly email updates have the lyrics for the songs in the upcoming service attached.  That way each family can print them ahead of time or view them on their electronic devices. You can also find the song lyrics at the bottom of this page. The weekly update will also include any schedule or protocol changes that may be made.  You can be placed on the email list by calling the church office at 804-798-5512, or emailing


It will still be best to plan on not needing to use the restroom.  We will strive to keep the service well under an hour to help with this.  The yellow house will be open if someone does need the bathroom, and the ones at the pavilion will be open for those who are arriving early to facilitate the service.


Feel free to dress casually, and for warm weather, with an appropriate degree of modesty, of course.  Please refrain from bunching up, even if it is with people that you are in close proximity to at other times.  We don’t want to give the appearance of flagrantly ignoring protocol.  Parents of younger children will have to make the call on the likelihood of being able to keep those little ones corralled up when they see their friends outside.  For anyone who would struggle with the logistics of such a service, or opts not to come because they are in a high-risk group, the podcast will still be posted; usually just before noon.


The large offering baskets will be out for those who would like to bring their offerings.  Thanks to each of you for your faithfulness in giving during these unusual times.


While all of this is less convenient compared to what we were used to, let’s go into it with joyful hearts, praising God for such a nice alternative to highly regulated indoor services!

Song Lyrics for Sunday, August 2, 2020


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