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Coming this Summer-Wednesdays on the Hill!


With all of the disruptions brought about by major storms, Covid concerns, civil unrest, international computer hacks, vulnerabilities in the power grid, and policies that are being implemented on a state and national level, there is an increased level of interest in being less dependent on the systems that currently sustain us.  


As believers, being prepared to deal with disruptions not only helps us to follow the biblical admonition to look after our own, but puts us in a very good position to share the hope that we have in Jesus Christ while offering some very practical help to those who weren’t as ready.


Even just the opportunity to learn life skills that can sustain us may give us an opportunity to share what we have with others.  So, our summer seminars on practical preparedness, which we are calling Wednesdays on the Hill, will not only help us to be readier, but will be a great occasion to invite friends and family as well.


While the topics addressed and the dates given below are still subject to change, we wanted to get what we do have out to you so that you can be getting excited about it and begin talking it up with your friends and families.


June 23-Suburban Gardening

You don’t have to live in the country to have a garden that can supply much of your family’s food!  Come and learn how to get a lot of food out of a small patch of ground.  Led by Jennifer Stapleton


June 30-Strategies for Fuel, Generators, and Freezers

Find out how to maximize your preparedness for both long- and short-term power outages.  Led by Pastor Jeff


July 7-Understanding Firearms as Tools

This seminar will clear away the negative connotations that firearms have in some people’s minds, while taking a look at the moral basis for self-defense.  Additionally, some time will be spent covering the various firearms out there and which ones are best for what.  Led by Pastor Jeff


July 14-Canning Vegetables

Learn how to preserve the fresh vegetables you grow or buy at a farmer’s market to have healthy food for your family all year round.

Led by TBD


July 21-Beyond Gardening

This session will take a look at other options for providing food for your family besides growing fresh vegetables.  This will include fruit trees, poultry, rabbits, and edible plants.  Led by Pastor Jeff


July 28-Communications

In the event that cell phones became inoperable, or their use unwise, the need for communicating with family and like-minded friends would be more important than ever.  Come and find out how to accomplish this with the old stand-by known as CB’s. (citizen band radios) Led by Jamie Stapleton


August 4-No seminar this week due to VBS


August 11-Canning Meat

Everyone knows that vegetables can be preserved by canning, but did you know that meat can be put up the same way?  Learn how to preserve meat without a freezer.  Led by Mariela Lyga


August 18-Storing Staples

Storing food is obviously not a viable strategy for the long haul, but it is necessary for getting through periodic interruptions in supply.  Also, if long-term shortages were to occur, it would be important to be able to carry on while ramping up home production.  Led by Pastor Doug and Rob Hurd.


All of these will be held at the pavilion; starting at 6:30 and ending at 8.  For all nights except the first one on June 23rd, and the last on August 18th, the program for children from rising 1st through 7th grades, will run at the same time.  There will be no provision for preschoolers.  Those who can easily walk up the hill will be asked to park in the gravel parking lot; any who need to, may use the limited parking spaces up near the structure. 


If you have questions, please call Mrs. Kathy or email her at

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